Double decker Style 

Gives you less on your belt,With steel holder on front .

2 in one boner and butcher knives not included $115

Double Knife Sheath (side by side )

Allows you to take your two favourite knives with you in one sheath,usually Custom made to the standard boning and butcher type knives with steel holder $145.00 inquire for other type of knives.

Scope and Silencer custom Scabbard

Fully lined with eva skin foam ,wider at barrel base to fit supressor,adjustment straps for saddle or bike,custom made to the outline of your rifle etc  $395-00

Short barrel scoped scabbard 

Custom made to your rifles outline, unlined $285 lined $330. 

Rifle Slings

See holsters and slings for prices

Rip $69and Holding Collars $38  and Knife Pouches from $38 also custom made if need be. 

custom Leather Rifle Case

Felt lined ,with or without Scope

area From $385

Rifle Scabbards

Usually custom made to order

From stock,slit leather $85-00(sold out )

Solid hide From $195

 30/30 Winchester style scabbard

This Unlined solid hide scabbard is made

to last ,attach to horse or bike.

unlined $230-00

Custom Scope Sporting Rifle Scabbard

Foam lined and solid protection skirting

saddle leather,attachment straps for either

horse or bike use.Best if rifle outline is sent.


Custom Knife Sheaths  

Prices according to style.this one $46 

Long Rifle Scabbard

Made of heavy chrome tan split hide and coloured to your requirements. Attaches to either saddle or bike lengths from bottom to top 37'' (94cm) and 34'' (86cm) bottom can be shortened as needed.

top width 8'' (20cm) and bottom 3'' (75cm) 1/2'' straps are conway buckle adjustable,loop and laced bottom. $98

Folding Knife Pouch

Hand moulded leather,Will fit a Leatherman style muli-tool or knife of that size,coin done $35 

Straight blade custom knife pouch

knife not included ,from $58 

Solid hide 30/30 Lever Action Rifle Scabbard

Stitch down saddle bands with Dees and straps ,unlined $230 lined $265 

30/30 Scabbards 

Loop through strap attachment unlined $195 ea

Folding Knife Pouch 

With Doned front and belt loop $46 

Double Pouch 

This system was made for a multi-tool and torch to fit in one place on the belt for conveniance from $78