Solid Brass Heavy Door Handles With Locks 

Genuine British made Hard to find, Sorry these don't have the keys $45 per set

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Wash Basin 

Corner type  never been used comes with twin soap dish $65-00

Engine Hoist and base

Needs new steel pipe footings welded to main shafts $100-00

Indoor & Outdoor Cricket Balls

These we made ourselves when we had the machinery,not Asian made ,we have used Aussie leather ,some have faded in storage.

Indoor balls $15ea or $150doz   Outdoor balls $20ea or $180 doz 

Punch Bags and Gloves

these come in 3 sizes small (90cm high)$55ea Medium (100cm ) $60ea large (110cm ) $65 ,we do have larger sizes also,they are leather scrap filled ,made from truck tarp vinyl,zip top ,3 nylon web straps sewn into leather patches not directly onto bag to rip loose.

Gloves are of 2 qualities ,full leather with thumb $46pr suede no thumb $28pr they have padded knuckes with finger rope stablizers to halt movement on hand. 

50's Electric heater

single bar $45 

Tall electris heater

Era unknown $55 

Avery Scales $85 

Avery scales $70 

Gas Heater 

older style $45 

ASC Scales $50