Antique Rodeo spurs

Rubber heel bads 2'' shank ,1'' band $57.50 pr

Antique Show With Dots

#258937 has 2 1/2'' shank with a 1'' band OK as a cutting spur also $85-00 pr

Humane Spurs

Excellent for learning to use spurs 1/2'' band $35-00 pr

Stainless Steel Pleasure Spurs

Brass rowels and strap buttons ,plain 3/4'' (20mm ) band with 1 3/4'' (45mm ) shank $58 pr

Push on NP spurs

Blunts and rowels ,priced from left $18-50pr,$$20pr ,$16pr ,$16pr ,$16pr,$25 pr

Plain Spur Straps

From $25pr 

Cowboy Spur Straps

Has engraved stainless steel hardwear .$90-00 pr

Spur Rowels and Tie Downs

Rowels From $4-50pr to $9-00pr

Tie Downs $5pr