Chaps - Riding, Work and Show. We will make your chaps to suit your likes,from cowboy work chaps to english riding or western show. From $145 to $275.

Chaps Accessories

We have two different styles of chaps The traditional longer english farriers apon and the shorter easy on style.

English & easy on style -
English full Chap-$225
Easy on short Chap-$180

Show Chaps

Come in fringe or scollop side

your call on how much bling that

you may want on them,will require

your measurements.

From $265-00

Trimmers apon !45-00, Leather shoeing bag

has sole rubber bottom $138-00

Triming Knife-$9 Rasp Handle-$4-50

Water resistant Suede Work Chaps

Features brass diamonds with tassels down

side,adjustable waist and front belts,side

zips. $195-00 with 2 front pockets on

thighs $235 

Rodeo Long Chinks $395-00 pr

Fringed Shotgun Chaps

For those folk who want the original western look to their chaps standard adult size from $195-00

Cowboy light weight chaps

A one off pebble print pigskin leather med size $350 pr