Corner Floral Pattern

Oakleaf Pattern

Blevin Buckles from $46 pr

Blevin Buckles

2'' or 2 1/2'' 

Horn Wrap $28

Economy German Silver Set $90 or $125 fitted

Stirling Plate Silver 

Double Tounge SS Buckles

Stainless Steel Buckles

Budget Oak Plates $23pr

Alpaca Stirling Silver Plates

Crupper loop with screws 

NP $10   SS $15  Fitted

Leather Concho ,Loop & Dees

Come standard on saddles at no extra charge

Suede Insert to Hardseat saddles $46 

Monkey strap $28

Tackaberry or Bates Buckle

SS for easy release $23

 Stirrup Choice

Choose the right size stirrup for your safety = too big will result in slip outs too small = hang ups ,if you have a bigger foot ,we have 5 1/2'' to 6'' sizes or if average to a small foot we have 5'' to 4 3/4'' youth stirrups plus kids sizes (see stirrup section) 

Curly stitch pattern seat 

Stainless steel 3''Rigging Dees

Left side Bevelled $28pr Right side $23pr

Star Stitch patern seat $10 extra