Bridles Work & Show

Can come in all sorts of types and styles e.g. Beads,Spots,

Silver work,Embossing,Horse hair webbing,just about anything western,

not to mention the hard ware ( SS Buckles & Conchos)

Our bribles are of a standard Western horse size (cob) with good adjustment,

generally made with heavy skirting leather and some times bridle & harness leather.

Prices -base (plain) $125 with Approx $10 per piece of silver.

Texas Star Nose Bands

Limited stock $95-00ea

Texas Star Bridle 

Our only imported bridles made in the USA ,are available in 2 colours Tan and Cherry.Matching Reins .$295-00

Headstal only $195-00,Reins only $125pr

Doubled Ear Rolled Headstall

Silver trim with Stainless Steel Buckles

5/8''(16mm) wide $185-00 

Beaded Bridle

Silver trim limited to stock and can have

different coloured combination beads 

With Plain reins $265-00

Beaded Reins $310-00 

Kiwi Coin Concho Bridle

This unique NZ bridle is a style

locked in the past ,but very present

features old NZ silver coin collection.

From $265-00  

Show Bridles


V front showHeadstall

Silver trim $145-00

Verious Headstalls

From $56-00

Extended head stockmans bridle

This bridle will lock behind the ears ,making it differcult to slip or be pulled off with some of those tricky horses.$165-00


Cowboy work headstall. $75

Stockmans Bridles Good durable work bridles ,no rust hardware $135

Bitless or no bit bridles will pull from the cheek. Leather From $245,  PVC $125

Beaded Bridles 

Starting at $185 for single strand brow

Fancy Brow Stockman Bridle

Something a little different ,navaho web brow $165-00 

Turquoise Dot Silver Concho Bridle

A one off show bridle at present  $285.

Endurance Halter Headstall

Very adjustable with brass or SS hardware.$185-00

 V Front Western Show

Colour Cherry with Silver trim $255-00 as seen

Extra Size Station Bridle 

For that bigger than normal Clydie type horse  $155-00