Buying a Saddle  ETC

Please understand that some price of materials we have no control over and may be subject to change without notice .

                   Don't be fooled by all Indian photos of saddles online as many are off other websites and not theirs (USA,Europe,Aussie )

Basic instructions before you purchse a saddle from us,is we do insist upon you tracing out your horses back lines in the 4 positions found on my ''Saddle Fit'' page ,so please go there 1st as to save you and us communication time.There are no long waiting times in the making of our saddles we can have one under construction even on the day you order it ,so be sure you do know what you want ,as it may be to late to change , infact you can have your saddle within a week or two as we are set up along the lines of the American saddle factories and we use polyethelene injected moulded trees (forms) ,these are of a high tensile plastic made under pressure in which the plastic is forced to the outer mould and then turns in on itself to case harden We also press cut most of our saddle parts with our 60 tonne press most trees will be fitted with precise cut leather parts from our special made shaped cutting dies (knives ) and to give you that often expensive carved pattern we have invested in very expensive bronze mirror copy of genuine leather carving plates to press the pattern into the leather in a matter of minutes instead of hours of hand carving.When you order your saddle ,chances are we may start it the same day so make sure you have thought things out thoroughly before you put your order in as we may not be able to change things,and  if you do require a saddle within the week don't on the other hand take too much time about it as another customer may just jump the que ,and sorry to say it is 1st in 1st served,and as my kids say ''you snooze you loose''

You may also have the option of having the appropriate trees sent to you for on the spot fitting ,this will only cost you the freight there and back ,but we will require your credit card # for security . Before we start work or send you a saddle we will also require a credit card # or cheque as security plus freight pre-paid up front = $65 north island and $85 south Island + $10 if rural,we don't have rural pick up and have to deliver the saddle with a 12km round trip but we do send the saddle rural delivery.


When purchsing a saddle from stock or Custom made,we reserve the right to charge a $50 re-stocking fee when the saddle comes back to go back into stock or up to10% of the original price of the saddle if any redying and finishing or other work is required to put the saddle back for sale,any damage to the saddle that puts it out of stock until repairs can be done will be accessed for costing to the damage at hand at the time.

There will be no refunds on saddles that have names or titles stamped into them or of a design that is so far out will be hard to sell on or you have tried a saddle with the same tree in it and has fitted both you and your horse at the time of choosing ,as a new saddle will have to have time to settle or a tree tried with the barebones kit and has been aproved ,as for other cases you have 1 month after purchase to decide if there are any issues regarding a particial refund.

PLEASE NOTE - Leather is a natural material and will from time to time have cuts ,scratches and bands in the hides ,we do our best to avoid these as much as possible ,but may still slip thru occassionally. 

Trying before buying

This is permissable Firstly it is best to do your horses back tracings and photos (see Saddle Fit page ) ,and with the condition that we have the saddle in stock to try and a credit card # is phoned in for security,Make sure you have funds to cover the price of the saddle as this is essential in obtaining an Authorization number ,so no number no saddle sent sorry, plus freight must be paid into our account= $55 North Island $75 South Island = $10 if rural,you may receive a saddle that has been tried by another customer and that may seem strange ,however you get to try it also and it will at least be shaped to a horses back and already settled in ,if you do buy the saddle you will purchase it at its price tag amount ,but to have one built to your requirements will cost $100 above the price tag cost which unfortunately is non refundable plus $50 sending and restocking charge due to the extra work involved ,if the saddle is a specialty type saddle ,that is rear to sell or made for ones special requirements ,such as a trick,personal unusual design (old timers) or special needs ,hard to resell saddles you can expect to lose up to $500 or sell on by the customer .If you do not follow the saddle fit instructions as set out on the page and measure your horse wrong this will cost on to  the return of the saddle.