Wells Fargo Heavy Cast

These ones were made in 1973 will fit a 2'' belt $15ea

Antique Alloy brass 

Solid 2'' (50mm ) buckle $3-00 ea

Clip on Buckles

1'' Buckle loop & claps $1.50 ea

2'' NP belt buckle

$1-50 ea

Inlet Buckles

1/2'' (12mm ) for English bridles 60c ea

Inlet Bucles

3/8'' (9mm) used on English throat lash 50c ea

Plastic Lock Buckles

For belts 40c ea

Full Round Buckle

1'' (25mm ) belt 50c ea

Speedy Rivets and Eyelets

2 part press rivets $20 1000  box of #21  1/2'' outer 1/4'' inner brass eyelsts $15

NP Web end clamps

stops the web from fraying  20c ea

Diamond and Parachute studs

Brass diamonds 50c ea NP parachute 25c ea

Flat buckle

For 1 1/2'' (35mm ) belt  $1 ea