Embossed Designs

From top  Fancy Borders 1.small full barbed wire  2.large Full Barbed wire 3. Half Barbed 4. Tri-plait 5.double plait 6.Large Serpentine 7. Small Serpentine  Plain Borders 9.Chain 10.Navaho 11. Aztec 12.Med Sunburst 13. Lge Sunburst 14.Lge Veiner 15. flat veiner 16.sml Sunburst 17. med Veiner 18.Eyebrow

Various designs to choose

Kiwi Coin Belts

Custom to your design with your choice of new and old out of circulation rivetted coins  and matching buckles ,belts in various sizes and colours.from $95 

Kiwi coin key tags

Various shapes  $3.50 to $4.50 depending on coin and size