Pig and Calf Skins (special )

Ideal for bookbinding ,writing desks ,Wallets etc .these leathers are quite stiff and are of a ridgid nature for stability ,and have very little stretch,bought for racing saddles ,so are very light weight and aroiund 0.5mm thick so they can be backed for other projects.some may lack tear strength around the edge due to sun damage.

Dark Brown Pig Skin 50 skins

Back and front shots,skins are from 6 to 12 sq ft average 8 to 10 ft sold per 1 skin @ $7-50 sq ft Buy 10 or more $5-50 Sq ft +GST .

Calf & Pig skins 15 skins of calf

The calf skin (on left ) is in good condition and is finished  in a deep tan about 6sq ft $8.50 sq ft

Tan Calf skin 

Tan Pig Skin 

Dark Brown pig skin 

Cowhide $395.00