Shoeing,Triming Chaps etc
we have two different styles of chaps
The traditional longer english farriers
apon and the shorter easy on style.

Knee Hobbles
If you need to restain that
unruly horse ,then you may
just need a set of these to
get the job done.
Price-$68 to $78

Trimmers apon & shoeing bag
The trimmers apon is just a lighter
version of the easy on shoeing apon
but ideal for a less heavier work load
Our shoeing bag is for the farriers tools
to stay in one place in and out of your
vehicle and has footware rubber on the
bottom.Price -$165  Apon $145
Triming Knife-$9 Rasp Handle-$4-50

English & easy on style
English apon is a traditional
style shoeing chap,where
 the easy on is one buckle
 in front and one on each leg
but has no protection below
the knee if wanted, but has less
bulk than the english apon.
English full Chap-$225
Easy on short Chap-$180