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Every effort has been made to present our products in an appealing manner and to make ordering as easy as possible. Behind this catalogue comes over 45 years of saddlery construction know how and experience in the style we have chosen (along the US saddle factory line). The years have given me the knowledge of what works, what will last, and what will be comfortable for both you the customer and your horse. As a result most of our saddles are built on a Ralide or Polyride (Ralide type) trees. These are an injected moulded polyethylene hi-tensile plastic material that will not warp, rot or change shape in our planets hot or cold weather conditions.

Polyethylene trees help the saddle retain both lightweight and strength. So much so that they come with a 5 year replacement guarantee from the year of construction on responsible use. Responsible use in that the manner of the saddle must be applicable to its proper use, e.g. a saddle without a roping horn should not be used for the purpose of roping. Our new tree is from the Steele saddletree company (est 1848 ) in the USA , and is a wooden tree covered with fibreglass cloth and resin covered. It is the hi-bred Aussie(stock on top, western underneath).

Tree widths are semi Quarter horse, standard Q/horse and Full Q/horse, also an Arabian and Gaited tree. In the construction of our saddles we now use Argentinean leather Skirting as our NZ tanneries have closed down.

For comfort to both horse and rider our seats are lined with durable open foam laminated with close cell foam. This sits under either a suede or leather seat. We also line our under skirts with the close cell foam covered with saddle fleece available in 2 grades for horses back comfort. To ensure strength and durability in the saddles we use stainless steel in most of our saddles,and Nickel platted steel in our budget lines. We leave this option of material entirely up to you the customer.

In most cases our stirrups come from the same companies as our trees and come either covered or uncovered. We cater for all sizes from kids to deep large roper styles ,we also now have a 6'' wide stirrup for those who want maximum width. Most are lined with comfortable easy on the feet treads. However we do have aluminium stirrups if required. Most saddles come with nickle-plated steel or Stainless steel dees screwed into the front and back of the tree. We do not drill holes in our saddles for ties as this weakens the tree and forfeits the guarantee. However the dees have leather removable laces attached. Leather or metal concho's fit over the dees. Our standard girths are made of anti chaff material; sweat resistant, or wool felt material. Our endurance girths are 3" wide with standard 1 1/2" roller, half buckle and keepers to hold strap ends, plus dees in the centre for the breastplate. We also have 4" Girths with 3'' half buckles made in the same materials and fleece girths available upon request; they have 2 dees in the centre. Our girth straps are either 1 1/2" leather billets, latigo straps or a combination of both. We have a choice of 6 colours, they are black,dark brown, mid brown, red brown, cherry red, natural tan.Overall we build saddles that are designed to suit you and your horse for years to come.

Chicken  1994 - 2014

Sadly last month we lost Chicken  as a result of an injury that refused to heal. Rest in peace mate ,we'll see you again in glory.