Riding & Saddle Tips

1.DOWN HILL RIDING.When riding down hill to stop your saddle moving forward or over the shoulders of your horse Don't throw your feet forward as this will pull the saddle into the shoulders ,so keep your feet under you and lean back from the hip.

2.SADDLE CLEANING.For keeping your saddle clean where the sweat contacts the leather,simply disolve a desert spoon of saddle soap with warm water in a 2ltr milk container and leave it next to where you hang your saddle up ,then when you get back from a ride with a soft cloth or XLO sponge wipe down those sweat contact areas before it penitrates into the leather ,and don't forget that breastplate .

3.SADDLE MOUNTING.When mounting the horse ,keep your hand off the saddle horn ,as this tends to pull your saddle over ,so it is best to hold on to the horses main ,it will not hurt the horse as much as the saddle being pulled over his withers and back.also mount both sides to keep both stirrups on even stretch.

5.SADDLE SQUEAK.  If your saddle is making a squeaking noise ,do not use oil to fix the problem as it won't permanantly help ,the problem can be solved with using talcum powder ,just puff it onto the 2 areas that the squeak is coming from,generally under the seat.

4.BUYING A SADDLE.Trying out saddles is something you should always do before you buy,and one thing you must do is ride in the saddle (new or used) , and not just on the the flat ride the saddle up and down the hills and any same terraine that you are likely to be riding .Important to note - If any saddle seller (retail or private) tells you, you can only put it on the back but don't girth it up or sit in it or ride in it ,a very good tip for you is -WALK AWAY!! I will let customers always try before they buy as this is the only way you are going to know if it fits both you and your horse properly.

6.HAVING A SADDLE MADE.Best time to have your saddle made ,is during the slow winter months ,as your saddler has more time to work on your new saddle and therefore you should get a well made saddle rather than competing during his or her busy time,begining of the riding season.