See our range Mostly from Partrade USA. They are a Company that have their hardware Quality made by Metal Lab in China (not your back yard stuff) our other bits come via American Saddlery, from standard to Show to Specialty.

 Black Medium Port Curb

#25248 with 8'' cheeks 5''copper inlay mouth $56-00 

  Black Low Port curb

#25250 with 8'' checks 5''copper inlay mouth $56-00

Argentine $75

SS cop mouth $85

Concho bit $125

 SS brushed  $85

Black training $56

Black Rotating bar Curb

#25253 with 7'' Checks 5'' mouth $65-00

SS Berry Spider Snaffle

5 1/4'' floating mouth ,takes the pressure off the horses mouth bars $69-00

Antique brown star & dot Curb

Linked copper twist 5'' mouth 7'' cheeks $85-00 

Alunimum high port $56

Colt Training Bit

Very popular transition bit,Copper mouth.

Chrome plate $38-00  SS $75-00

Billy Allen Reiner $60

High port Trainer $45

American High Roller

5'' fixed shank curb with 7 1/2'' cheeks

copper roller and inlays ,C port.with

side Logo $88-00 

American Medium Roller

5'' Black Steel,7 '' cheeks

side logo,copper roller and wire

wrap. $75-00


We have an extensive range of Snaffles that are not shown here. Contact us for more information on these items.

Black Steel square mouth snaffle

5'' Mild to strong effect $46

Show Black Steel Curb

5'' with 8'' cheeks,Silver Trim

with copper roller and inlays

C port $115-00 

Black Steel Silver Engraved Curb

5'' with 7''cheecks,flat med port with

copper roller and inlays $115