Breastplate Styles

From top down

1. Narrow Front $130-00

2. Roper Front $160-00

3. Cobra Front $150-00

4. Standard Front $150-00

Neck Over strap Add $20-00 

Breastplates are sweat resistant anti-chafe lined,patterns embossed to breastplates are $10 extra.


standard style

2'' wide main body


Cobra style


Roper Style Breastplate

$160-00 add $20 for overstrap 

Breastplate with over strap 

Roughout Roper. 

Undercheck Strap

Snaps at both ends with buckle adjustment, either in Nickle Plated or Brass hardware,From $28-00 to $34-00

Embossed Breastplate

Has Stainless Steel engraved hardware,anti sweat lined.$175-00 

Cobra red brown B/plate 

Basket weave pattern anti seat foam lined $150 overstrap $20 extra 

Roper Breastplate

Floral pattern $170 over strap add $20 

Basket Weave Cobra style


Larger Breastplate

If your horse requires an over size fit ,they are available at $20 extra