30. Kiwi coin Show Bridle and Nose band SS buckles $350 

31. Kiwi coin H/stal $98

32. Plate front Bridle $145.00 

Tan V Front 

SS and silver trim Hardware,with roper reins and fancy slobber straps $215 

Cowboy Roper Bridle

Solid work type $145 

Double Ear Buckle up headstall

Rolled ear pieces $185.00 

Knotted Navaho design

Something a bit fancy $195-00 

V Front stitched Bridle



Basic Plain Headstall & Noseband 

This no frills headstall ,is for simple fuction  Headstall from $62 with noseband from $78.

Conway Buckle Fuction

Can tuck in top for easy use or bottom for nicer look.