Please Note the bare bones saddle covering has been constructed with odd pieces of leather and does not reflect upon a finished saddle. 

Bare bones trial system in 6 easy steps.

So to get things a little more accurate we are offering this  new try before you buy and return saddle system ,all you have to do is send in your horses back tracings and photos and we will sellect the tree or trees best suited to your horse ,and once you receive the tree(s) and parts ,you simply fit it together for test ridding as shown bellow ,there is a cost of $300 plus freight ,however the $300 will come off your saddle if purchased or $250 credited if no sale.


After you have approved the tree to the fit of your horse and your saddle has beem made and problems occure regarding saddle fit to you or your horse ,you will not be offered a refund ,due to your approval of the same type of tree,

However we can sell the saddle on your behalf and let you know when a buyer becomes available (you will retain the saddle ) ,then it will be up to you and them regarding a sale.  

Barebone tree parts 

Step 1.The Rigging (girthing system)

Easy to fit all you do is put it over the back and front bars as shown,this rigging (girthing system is adjustable by simply sliding it to where best for your horse. Please note there is a twist in the nylon to off set for the sliding girth system.(don't try to straighted it).

Step 2. Fenders fitted 

Fitted just like on a standard western saddle,thru the front stirrup slots, over and under. 

Step 3. Check Under the tree.

This is how the rigging and fenders will look underneath. 

Step 4. Skirt Pockets

There are 3 skirt pockets for you to sellect for the size of the tree bars,fit them into the appropiot one ,then buckle up the front pocket . 

Step 5. Fitting the Skirts (Equi-Felt lined )

Fit the right size tree bars into the pockets then slip the front bars into the front pockets and velcro or buckle into place .

 Seat under

You can see the elastic on the under seat where it will velcro onto the tree seat. 

Step 6. Seat Fitted 

Just slip the seat onto the cantle and velcro up under the seat thru the gullet area. 

Ready to ride Barebones 

Stirrups and girth supplied. 

 Bare Bones Stock Hybrid

Kit made for our custom made stock tree.