Our Saddle Trees

We use mainly Ralide or Pro-Tuff  polyethelene injected moulded saddle trees ,these are where the plastic is forced into the mould under pressure and turns in on its self to strenthen the tree to become a high tensil plastic go to www.Ralide.com they have been making them for over 40 yrs and are the most used western saddle tree in the world ,one model alone,the alrounder, Ralide sell 12,000 per month ,they are strong duable and will not wrap or rot due to atmospheric conditions,a 1 piece tree that will not pull apart and can be shaped and added to within the trees boundries.
also we are using Aussie Stock Hibred Saddle Trees made in the USA by a Saddle Tree Company  Est 1848, they are made with fibreglass over wood.

Shipment of trees 2007 landed from the USA 

Pallet of skirting 2017 in from Argentina,same product as used in the USA saddle factories. 

Heavy and Light Front Roping Trees 

Wood fibreglass covered Aussie Hibred tree 

Alrounder Barrel Tree 

Front view of barrel trees 

Wide fit tree 

Saddle Tree Pieces

If we hav;nt got what you are looking

for ,then in some cases we can build

you something from our tree bits. 

2009 saddle tree delivery

2011 Saddle Tree Delivery

2012 USA delivery

Hybreds and Wades 2012 delivery

Full & Semi Quarter Horse trees

These are the 2 Alrounder most popular trees we sell ,here are the 2 front veiws of the gullet difference of the left to right and right to left shots.

Trees landed via USA 2015


Alrounder back tree bar differences

Sitting on a level bench,these are the back bars of 2 Alrounder trees with different flares ,one as you can see has more flare to either stay off the back more or fit into the sway back or downhill (rump high ) horse.They are only available in the semi to standard Q/horse fit. 

Wide fit 20001 fitted out ready for build