Bees Wax

To preserve and hold sewing

threads together $4.50ea 

Affordable round knife

Used for cutting and skiving heavy

leather  $45 

Eyelet & tube Punch Pliers 

Heavy cast solid long lasting tools

sprung handles Sml $48 Lge $58 

Oval Punches

Limited stock (mostly Joseph Dixon )

Sizes 20-sold,21 sold, 22 sold ,24 sold

25-$65,26-$65,27 $70,28-$70,29,sold

Crew (bag) punches

Hand made English (Joseph Dixon)

1/4''Osbourne sold -34 sold,35,$65ea

36,sold - 37, $90-38, sold ,39-sold 

Looked after these tools will last a

life time. 

German Solegin Round Knife

One of the best available,will last you

a life time when well looked after,keeps

an excellent edge.

Price $145 

Hand Skivers

$9-00 ea 

Rawhide Mallets

No burrs to your tools with

these boys,still very popular in the

saddle trade sml size only $45ea 

Various Hand Tools

From top left down ,Lasting Pliers SOLD

Edge burnisher $10,2 Sole Trimmers $65ea

Power Nippers $65,2pr Saddlers Pliers $90ea

Hand Punch $50 These tools are top Quality for

professional use.