Designs & Patterns

You can choose your design and patterns for your buckle from the large selection of stamps displayed.

Custom Belts & Buckles

Is a web page for you to have it your way were you pick your design for both your buckle and belt from our sample stamps.

Animal Designs

1-2 lion 3 cat 4-5-6 Bears 7 Elephant 8 squirrel 9 Pig 10-11 Wolf  12Dog 13-14-15-16 Deer 17-18 Cattle 19 Shark 20 Salmon 21-22 Bison 23-24 Ducks 25 Peacock 26 Eagle 27 Dove/pigion 28-29 Eagles 30 Rattle snake

1970's Designs (retro nostalgia )


Miscellaneous Stamps

Misc Stamps 2

Maori Motif,NZ & Aussie Stamps

Sports Stamps

1.Motor bike Racer 2.Baseball/softball 3. Gridiron/Am football 4.Traget Shooter 5.Boxing 6.Tennis 7.Cycilist 8.Skiing 9.Soccar/Football 10. Equestrian 11.Bronc Rider/Rodeo 12. Basketball

Trucks,Boats & Train

1/2. Sailing Ships 3.Yaught 4.Launch 5.Large Truck 6.Lorry/moving Truck 7.4x4 /4WD 8.Van 9.Period Motorbike 10.Steam Train 11.Pickup/sml truck

Western Design Stamps

1.Bareback Bronc Rider 2.Rodeo stamp 3.Dismounting Calf Roper 4.Bull Rider 5.Barrel Racer 6.Bronc Rider 7.Steer.8.Stagecoach 9.Cowboy Boot 10.Cowboy Hat 11./12.Western Saddles 13.Steer head 14/15.Covered Wagons 16.Horse Shoe 17./18 Wide Steer &Skull 19./20/21 NativeAm & Headress's 22.Feather 23.Eagle head 24.Decorated Bison Skull 25./26 Bison/head 27/28 Native American designs