Tracking Harness Fitted to Dog

Leather Dog Sheilds and Harness's

Small studded dog sheild $95

Large studs & spikes  Dog Sheild  $130

Small dog tracking harness  $65

Large dog tracking harness  $78

Big Dog Harness

This is our specialty adjustable Heavy duty

dog harness,felt padded chest,over the

shoulder and neck holding steel rings.

from $90

Holding Collar

2'' wide heavy duty 


Greyhound & Whippet Collars

Whippet collar is 2'' wide $18-50 

Small Greyhound 3'' Wide $25-00 

Greyhound collar 4'' wide $34.50

Black ,Tan or Brown Leather

Quick release snaps $7-50

Small Greyhound Collar 

Rope Slip Collars

Made from Heavy Nylon or

Cotton Rope,Solid steel rings

with leather attachments


Rip and holding Pig Doig Collars

Single 6mm thick leather 2 buckle and strap $69 Double thickness $85,Holding collars from $38

Large &Extra large Tracking Harness

Made from durable latigo leather ,available in 2 colours= Burgandy & Black,both sewn and rivetted L $90 XL $98-00