WW2 45 cal Holster

Gun not included sorry,Made to the

original design.From $245 

The Gun Slinger

Comes in single or Double

from $255  

Under Arm Phone Case

 Keep your phone and cards secure

and easy accessible.

From $78 

Rifle Slings 

Plain Cobra $23

Stitched Cobra $30

Basket weave Cobras $28

Standard 3/4'' $14

Standard 1''  $16-50

Standard 1 1/4'' $18-50 

Kids Holsters

All leather double set from $185 

Holster for auto look air pistol etc $115.

45 cal Hip Holster with Belt & Mag loops

Will fit other similar type pistols $245-00

Done top Holster

For auto type pistols $90


Elbow Lock Rifle Sling

Helps lock your rifle in place with sitting and standing shots $58.00 

Holster 45

Gun not included $230-00 

Holster Black

This tie down holster has adjustable cartridge loops  from $195