Rimoldi 3 thread Overlocker
Old but reliable
Italian made Machine

Singer Twin Needle
Space set at 5/8''(16mm)
Able to be adjusted

Hot Foil Embosser
Put heated foil onto your leather items
Comes with embossing rollers

Corner pocket Jean Rivet Machine Twin head auto feed Comes with many nickle on brass english rivets Price $950-00

Singer Chain Stitcher
Never needs a under thread change
Rear machine

Auto feed riveting machine
Electric powered riveter
Foot operated and will use bifucated
and tubular rivets

Yasima Adjustable Twin Sewer
Adjust to suit your work
which needs a double seam

Auto feed riveting machine
Manual powered riveter
Foot operated and will use bifucated
and tubular rivets

Spot ( Butt ) Welder

Works off 3 phase power ,compressed air and water cooling all at once $1200-00

# 2 Victor Outsole Stitcher

Made by Whitfeild Hodgsos & Brough LTD ,Kettering England ,Heats the wax to set the stitches,I have no further use for this machine Made for the footwear industry for sewing soles onto shoe,awls and needles included ,Has a photo copied manual  on the use of and parts $1500 

Small British Made Riveter 

This auto machine use to rivet small tube rivets thru sheet metal ,it has been converted to rivetting leather ,using small Bifurcated (split rivets ) you can set it up to your requirements ,it comes with a spare hopper in a different size with basic home made base with electric motor and 10,000 NP rivets. $600 

Hand Press

Not sure what this one was used for ,so use as is or set it up to your requirements $100 

Light Weight Strap Cutter

 Save on bindings,strip your own with this light weight strap or stripping/cutting machine.German made in the 60's,machine driven blades with a hand wind thru system,will cut vinyls and light leathers,originally used for stripping furs for top bindings on boots,gloves etc.Not recommended for heavy materials over 2mm as blades too light for this.Roller spacings are 3/4'' 20mm ,7/8'' 22mm ,1'' 25mm a few blades damaged but all can be interchanged. $500.00