More Saddle accessories

These items are either add on's or saddle related for your riding enjoyment.


Red Latigo Set

Main strap 6ft long plus double sewn billet $78 set

Black Latigo Set

Main strap 6ft plus billet strap $78 set

Saddle Girth Billet Straps

Double sewn billets Burgandy red or Black  $32 ea

Doubled over Billet Straps

Red or Black  $38ea

Latigo Strap

6ft long x 1 1/2''  $46-00ea

English Convert Billets

If you have a few English girths around and wish to use them on your western saddle ,you can easily change them over with locking laces.$92 pr.

Saddle Billet Molded Knife Cases

Will fit a leatherman or type multi tool or a standard horsemans folding pocket knife ,simply slips onto a 1 1/2'' saddle billet and chicago screw connects thru a buckle hole to keep it in place.$28ea

Nylon Latigo sets

This is for those who want a bit less bulk under the legs,features 1 off  22'' billet and 1 main 6ft leather laced strap in heavy nylon 1 3/4'' (45mm ) webbing with heat sealed holes,Black or Brown $46-00 pr

Buckle Up Latigo's

For those wishing to make the Ring Girths into a Double purchase easier to handle  Girth $46-00 ea

Stockmans Leathers without Irons

They are 2 1/2'' wide then taper to 1 1/4'' (30 mm ) with buckle covers $158 pr  without $145

 Breeching Crupper

For that horse that won't take a standard crupper under the tail,this one just sits on the rump and connects to the saddle or rigging.$250.00

Snap on ties

Got saddle Dees on your conchos,just snap these 4 on or off when you have finish your ride ,saddle laces $38 set ,wider fit as photo $46 set.

Cruppers from Weavers USA

These are a cut above,molded leather linseed filled tail  crupper SS/Non rust hardwear ,fully adjustable $98 ea

Insulated Leather Water Bottle holders

Will fit 1 ltr to 500 mils with the lock in lace that goes on your saddle horn or ties to your saddle Dees,$58ea  

Bottle Holder

One size fits all with lace tightener $58

Stirrup soft & Fluro Tread

Simply velcros on for foot comfort plus fluro safety also for night vision $35.00 pr 

Hoof pick pouch

Fits to 1 1/2'' back billet with chicargo screw attachment.$23