Contoured 1'' Felt Pad

This pad is made by us and shaped to the back of the horse to fit right from the get go,features solid 1'' felt made in various styles with  wear leathers ,both black and white available at present $245 ea

Contoured Sticky Pad

Same as our regular contoured pad ,except this one has a sticking overlay to help keep the saddle in place on the mutton withered horses. $265-00

Wool Felt Work Pad

 Our work pad has a cutaway wither for less presssure in that area ,

a felt or foam lining plus wear leathers at bottom.

Price $110-00















Shoulder Relief Contoured Pad

This is designed off of an old cowboy trick ,that is to cut an opening in this 1'' (25mm ) felt saddle pad to eleviate pressure over any dry spots on the shoulders $255.00 

Enduro Pad

Double wool felt shaped to my  Endurance saddles,underlay foam up to wear leathers for better contact,with air holes at top for better ventilation,wear leathers at bottom for durability from girth system,cutaway wither for less pressure .Price - $110-00

Ortho-Pad This is a special felt pad with fill in areas for the hollow wither horse,has cutaway front to add relef to the wither Price $118-00

Contoured White Sticky pad

Made from 1'' (25mm ) Eqi-felt  $265-00

Adjustable Non Slip Pad Under

This pad is made for the mutton withered horses (no Wither or very little) helps to stop  saddle  slip and still lets the pad breath (ventilated) Price $185-00 

Adjustable Standard Pad

Velcros open for a better fit on some

of those difficult horse backs,top ventilated

on a double wool felt outer with suede wear


Price $165-00 

Adjustable Pad Inner

This one you can fill yourself where the horses may need it,consists of 2 main inner pads 1 poen 1 closed cell foam and 1 shoulder open cell foam inner for extra lift and has no bulk thru the vented centre where it is not needed,this pad simply velcros open. 

Western & Enduro seat saver

The Enduro has elastic velcro fastening ,with close cell foam pad sewn in for extra comfort,western style has an elastic loop for attaching to the horn.$58-00 

English seat saver

Has elastic velcro fastening. $34-50

Bare back Pads

Ideal for keeping in the car when visting

your horse,and you my decide to go for 

that ride. from $250-00

Nylon saddle coverElastic bottom covers the top of your saddle and folds up into the saddle horn to create a small draw string easy carry bag.4 colours. Price $25

Clear Saddle Cover Price $10

Navaho Felt lined Pad

Heavy blanket and felt with wear leathers $245-00

Round Skirt/ Enduro Felt Pads

1'' thick felt with wear leathers and vent holes to aid in cooling.  $155-00ea

Navaho Heavy Weight Saddles Blankets

Limited stock ,wear leathers side and top $145-00 ea

Specail Round pad

Made of Equi-Felt  for a low sit back seat which gives a bit more centre lift  $155