Ralide Stirrup Styles

We stock most of the ralide sizes

and styles,with their new 6'' Large size

Uncovered $46 pony to $68 Ralethr

Leather Covered From $90 

 Off-set stirrups

Good for bad ankles and  used to level up the feet when riding

Limited stock  ,made of flex-plastic $85pr with leather cages $135 pr

Ralide Enduro with cages

$145-00 pr

Barrel Stirrups (Lite)

polished Alloy with rubber tread and leather fender holders $85pr 

Kids Stirrups

These can come with a safety hood as on

stirrup chart ,suit kids up to about 10yrs old

6'' high,4 3/4''wide tread, 2 3/8 deep .

Price $38pr with rubber tread $48pr

Leather Laced Roper Stirrups

5'' tread ,3'' wide.

 Price $98-00pr

Stirrup Twists

To get your stirrups facing forward

Metal Twists $58pr

Leather Twists large $38-00 pr nylon Lined $48

Plastic Twists

These are to help your fenders face the right way (forward) Will fit stirrups only with removable bolts.

price $16-00pr

5 1/4'' Visalia style uncovered

Good lite weight endurance stirrup,has padded leather tread. $46-00 pr

Stockmans Stirrups

Made from heavy polished alloy

$98-00 pr

Aluminuim Engraved Stirrups 

Same as the stockmans with engraving on one side 5 1/4'' Padded in foot $115.00  

Wide 6'' Leather covered Stirrups 

Ideal for that wider boot ,The bell stirrup has a padded tread to aleviate foot ache. $95 pr

6'' Uncovered Bell Stirrups

Ideal for the bigger boot ,lite weight and durable.padded tread $46-00 pr

5 1/4'' Caged Visalia stirrups

Stops that slip thru happening,ideal for a healess boot ,padded tread . $115-00 pr

Leather Stirrup Buckle Covers

To stop any buckle scratch on the horse

Slide over 2'' $23 ,  2 1/2''   $28pr

Velcro 2''  $35  ,2 1/2''  $46 pr

Shroud Taperdero's 

Lace on with conchos and ties $78pr

Taperdero hawk front Hoods

Safety First,New full front hoods to stop your feet going forward ,sold with stirrups $95 pr

Velcro on stirrup soft tread covers

In plain and Fluro for low light conditions $28.50 pr 

Wood and Leather combo

For the more authentic look to your stirrups ,try these $85 pr