Wide Fit Saddles - A line of full quarter horse fit saddles on a Ralide specialty tree with 7 1/2'' Gullet and 21'' bars. Seats 13'' to 17 1/2''.with a 4'' cantle, Stainless Steal Hardware. Horn from short show style to forward leaning,this tree we put together so does carry around $100 extra due to the added work  Prices from $1895 .Crosbys are not included in this pricing.

  Natural Tan Widefit 

Large skirt ,will sit down nice on a wide horse  ,7 1/2'' gullet seat sizes from 13'' to 17 1/2''  in 1/2 sizes also .

Wide fit Cutaway Skirt Floral

Wide fit Short Skirt


wide Fit Cutaway

Can come in any colour,has a cutaway

skirt for more on horse contact.7'' gullet

4'' cantle,seat size up to 17'' 


Wide fit Round Skirt

Crosby Pleasure

This is a wide fit converted roper tree to 

give you the pleasure style ,16'' seat ,7''

gullet,4'' cantle.

 From $1895-00

Crosby Short Skirt

16'' with a new style smaller horn,shorter

skirts for a short backed horse,and bars have 

been shorten to 20''

From $1795-00

Semi Show Wide Fit


Wide Fit Oakleaf

Seat sizes 14'' to 17 1/2'' has a

cutaway skirt.


Widefit Rounded Short Skirt

This tree has been modified for a wide

short back horse.14'' to 17'' seats


Hornless Widefit Short Skirt

If you don't want that horn in your 

way then this maybe the one for you.

 From $1795-00

Crosby Round Skirt

16'' seat only as a 4'' cantle saddle ,7'' wide gullet.

From $1795-00

Crosby Hornless

Bags are an extra,saddle has a round skirt from $1795-00

Short Inskirt Rigged Crosby

Short Skirt 15 1/2'' to 16'' seats with the tree cut down for short wide back horses.

From $1795-00

Crosby Wide Fit specialty

Made for some one with either special needs or an confidence situation , solid leather wrapped handle does help the rider more than a monkey strap,easier to find in a sticky situation $1995.00

Widefit Black Basket weave

Built as a 15'' seat, on a widefit 20001 tree,round skirt  $1995-00

 Crosby Floral pleasure

Features a 16'' sit you back seat with a cutaway skirt for closer contact. From $1795-00

Crosby Med Skirt

Features an oak leaf design,$1895-00