1870's Old Timer

Arabian Compeditor

Hornless Alrounder Trail

No Horn Gaited

Hornless Crosby

Buena Vista Plantation Saddle

Superior Slickfolk

Buckaroo Comfort

1870's Plainsman

Chuck Shepard Cowboy

Custom Tree for saddle on the right

Hybrid Wide Fit

This is a custom made stock Hybrid saddle made on a custom parts made tree,the horse had a very difficult back to fit = Wide ,short and swayed the bars had to be heat curved to the back .

Hybred One OfBuilt on an Aussie Freeman tree 15'' seat ,swinging fender ,upright seat $2300.

Specialty Stock Hybrid

This saddle was made with special tree work to keep the rider upright for a back condition ,with a 5'' cantle and a handle on the front .from $2500