Reining Saddles- Ralide 15,16'' seats, 6 3/4'' Gullet,Polyride 15'' to17''seats, 7'' Gullet ,4'' cantles, 12'' swell, wide quarter horse bars, 2 1/2'' Horn , A saddle that will sit you back in a position to avoid the slide forward in the seat. Prices from $1795-00

DS73-03 Braidhorn Reiner

DS73-01 Cutaway Pleasure

DS83-01 Rawhide Trim Reining Pleasure

DS88-AR Braidhorn Cutaway Reiner

Oakleaf Reiner

15 &17'' seats ,in 2 styles Ralide 15'',16''

& Polyride 15,16,17''trees 6 3/4'' & 7'' Gullets

4'' Cantles,Cutaway skirt,low set horn & a seat

that will put you back where you need to be.

From stock price$1795-00 

Lite Brown Pleasure Reiner

Basket weave design in 15'' 16'' or  17'' seats this saddle has a polyride lite weight tree in it from custom price $1895

Red Reiner pleasure saddle 

Fine for hitting the trails ,will sit you back a bit in the seat $1895-00