Endurance  Saddles

A site more for the extreme horse rider. 

English Flap Enduro

This is our new model for those who like the english flap, stirrup and Girth system, but want the close fit less pounds (Kg's) per Sq inch of the western tree .Built on a US Custom Superior Ultra-hide covered lite weight wood tree. $2300-00

Full Seat Superior Enduro

15 to 16'' seats ,built on a US made Ultrahide

 Superior saddle tree (very few left)

Lite weight ,military rigged


Sitback Enduro

This saddle will sit you back in the

seat,15'' seat with 3'' cantle & 15 1/2''

seat with 4'' cantle,has all the features of

the alrounder.

From $1795-00 

Enduro FQH Short Skirt

Made as a standard enduro  with a short skirt $1695

Arab Enduro

This saddle has a drop down flared front

bar ,comes with a 15'' seat with a 3'' cantle

and a 16'' seat with a 4'' cantle ,20 1/2'' short bar

6 3/4'' gullet.Military rigging.

from $1795-00 

Alrounder Dove Enduro

Comes in 15'' to 17'' seats ,Semi Q/horse fit

that seems to fit most NZ bred arabian horses

gullet 6 1/2'' ,Cantle 4'',Swell 12''.Has a military

Girthing ''Y'' system.Available in Blk & Brn

Priced form $1795-00  

Mini Skirt Enduro

This saddle has a minimal skirt for the short back horse .

From $1795-00

Cutdown Arabian Enduro

Same features as the standard arab

enduro only with a more streamline

Skirt (panel)

Priced From $1795-00 

Gaited Trail Enduro

16 & 17'' seats ,made for the gaited

beat horse but will fit other breds,features

a flared front bar for free shoulder movement

7'' Gullet,Swell 13'',4'' Cantle

Priced from $1795-00 

English Military Enduro

Has a western style seat,military front with  English flaps and gith points,2'' stirrup leathers with wide enduro stirrups and comes with n english style girth ,weighs only 7 kgs ,comes in a 15 & 16'' seat,with 19'' & 20'' short bars from $1795

Military Girthing System

A ststem that allows you to move the

girth forward and back for girth adjustment. 

Rigging Wear Leathers

Helps prevent stirrup chaffing against the girthing Y system due to riding movement. $28-00 pr

New Military Enduro Saddle

Available in 15 & 16'' seats ,has a tough

Polyethelene  tree that will sit you back a

bit in the seat ,Q/horse fit ,4'' cantle,6 1/2''

gullet ,20 & 21''bar ,only weighs 7kgs,

Fully rigged with endurance military 

girthing system. $1695 to $1895


Hybrid Enduro

This saddle is a combination of a Aussie stock

and and edurance saddle,offering security and

light weight 9 1/2KG ,has a roughout finish,come

in seat sizes 15'' to 17'' 

Price From $2100-00

English Military

This is a one off saddle 16'' hammock slung

seat to get you up off the tree.

Special price $1695-00 

Military Hammock Slung seat

Swinging fenders ,sits you down in the16''seat 

good wither clearance ,medium fit.

 Price special $1695-00 

PoloX round skirt

Natural tan 14 to 17'' seats,this saddle is a bit more rounded off at the hind quarters ,less interferance on  those quick turns from $1795-00 

Fancy Enduro

For something a little special $1895