Cowboy Ranch Saddles - Ralide,the DS75 saddles are on the alrounder tree,6 1/2'' semi Q/H  to the full Q/Horse 7'' Gullet,4 or 5'' cantle,12'' swell Seats 13 to 17'' Horn 3 1/2'' loop lock (not for heavy roping) The ds100 saddles are on the Buckaroo tree ,6 1/2'' cantle,4''or5'' cantle,swell 9'' slick fork,Q/H bars, Horn 3 !/2'' Double T lock roper Seats 15 to 16 1/2'' These saddles are more in keeping with a traditional cowboy early and modern work saddle,from hardseat to modern comfort on Hi-Tech trees. Price-$1795 to $1995

DS100-01 Flatplate Buckaroo Saddle
16&15'' seats ,4''or 5'' cantles ,6 1/2'' gullet,
21&22''Q/horse bars,3 1/2'' Roper Horn,
Swell ''A'' 9''Folk,suede insert seat
Free bucking rolls.

Plainsman 1870's Style

This saddle although having a period

look to it,has had some comfort added 

to the seat,for those long hours in the 

saddle,stirrup leathers have not been

slotted into the seat,as this gives you a bit

more forward movement.

From $1995-00

DS75-01 Cowboy Comfort Alrounder
15 to 17'' seats ,6 1/2'' semi Q/h Gullet or 7''
Full Q/horse Gullet &Bars ,4 or 5'' Cantle,
Horn 3/12'' Inskirt Rigged (Not for Roping)
Swell 12'',Suede insert seat,Rawhide Trim
Price $1995-00

Wade Style
15 &16'' seats,built on a wood fibreglass
reinforced tree,Limited #'s available,4''
cantle (5'' when available) suede insert seat
Buck rolls available $68
Price From $2800-00

Hardseat Buckaroo

Roughout Wood Fibreglass Wade 

15 &16'' seats ,wide fit for the Q/horse

this saddle can have a standard roper rigging

or a Flatplate rigging,4'' cantle.

 From $2850-00 

Plainsman Old Style

Comes in 14 to 17'' seats Semi ,Q/horse & Full Q/horse fits Solid seat with foam under,square skirt also available From $2200.00 

Lady Cowgirl Challenge 

With a slick ''A'' Swell ,a working cowgirl look ,light weight 10kgs , 15'' seat,standard Q/horse fit,6 1/2'' gullet ,5'' cantle  ,Traditional wood Visilia stirrups,Might just work for you priced at $1795-00

Plainsman FQH

For the cowboy look with a suede insert padded seat on a full quarter horse tree .from $2095