Cowboy Wade

15 & 16'' seats available,suede insert seat

7'' gullet ,4'' cantle,Aluminum post horn

fastened to a wood fibreglass wrapped  tree

flatplate rigging,rounded skirt .

Priced $2800-00 

Cowboy Comfort

15'' to 17''seats ,rawhide trim,6 1/2'' to

7'' gullets ,horn not suitable for roping 

Priced from $2200-00 

Chuck Shepherd Buckaroo Style

This saddle has a forward leaning horn ,the tree is made for a narrow backed horse only ,if you require a wide fit in a very similar style ,then try the Crosby tree. $2200-00

The Plainsman 1870's Style

A popular style with the mounted shooters

it is a traditional look hardseat with some

modern foam under comfort .Available in 3 different

fits(semi,Q/horse, Full Q/horse) and 14 to 17'' size

seats .4 to 5'' cantles

Priced from $2200-00 

Hardseat Buckaroo

15 to 16'' seat size,6 1/2'' gullet standard

Q/horse fit,4 or 5'' Cantle ,Flatplate rigging,

21''& 22''bars ,9''A folk.

Priced from $2100-00 

1870's Oldtimer 1/2 seat

For the rider who wants an old fashion

look,take a trip back to the Future with

all the modern comforts of an up to date

saddle,generally built on the buckaroo tree

however some other trees can be adapted

Priced from $2200-00 

Buckaroo Hardseat

Roper rigged,15&16''seats

same tree stats as halfseat

buckrolls optional.

Priced from $2100-00 

Plainsman 1870's Style 

14'' to 17'' traditional hard seat type with foam under Ideal for that old time look from the past ,round or Square skirts available. From $2200-00

Tapadero's $230 extra

Buckaroo Comfort ride

This saddle has a working cowboy look  with 

a suede insert seat ,has a flat plate rigging

with stainless steel hardware,slick fork,buck

rolls optional,4'' cantle,6 1/2'' gullet,

21'' Q/horse bars ,both15 & 16'' seats.

Priced from $2200-00 

Buckaroo Natural Tan

This saddle has a serpentine emboosed border,with a suede insert seat $2200