Barrel Saddles - These saddles will put you in a central position with a deep and secure seat. Trees are 14'' to 17''. Stainless steal or nickel plated on steal hardware are Gullet 6 1/2''semi and quarter horse bars. Cantle 4'' or 5'' skirts round, short or medium, wool lined skirts. Rigging 7/8 inskirt or on tree. Swell 12''. Prices from $1695 to $1895.

DS95-HB Highback Wonder Front.still a popular

style,5'' cantle,6/12'' gullet ,20 1/2'' Q/horse bars,

Available in 15 & 16'' seats .short skirt.

Priced from $1695-00 

DS89-A Highback all-rounder,5'' cantle

Semi & Full Q/horse fit with seat sizes

14 to 17'' rawhide braided horn.with

suede insert seat. 

From $1795-00 

DS89-B Barrel Highback suede Insert

seat,5'' cantle.from $1795-00 braided horn $100 ex

DS89 Barrel Braidhorn.

From $1995-00 

All-rounder Highback Barrel

5'' cantle,short skirt,12'' swell

14 to 17'' seats.

From $1795-00 

All-rounder Lite Weight.

15'' seat only From $1795

Round Skirt Barrel. From $1795

Wonder Barrel. From $1795