Arabian Western Saddles - Ralide arab. Feature drop front flared bars 6 3/4'' Gullet 20'' arab bars. Slick fork swell, seat 15'' x 3''. Cantle or 16'' x 4'' cantle. Horn 3'' skirt wool lined, rigging 7/8 inskirt or on tree. Price from $1795.

Arabian Western

Square Type skirt.

Arab Western Lite Weight

Round type skirt

DS50ae Arabian Endurance

DS62-01 Arabian Western Plain

Arabian Hornless 

An Arab style without the problems some may

have with the horn ,has the western look ,but

can double up as an endurance saddle.

Has a short rounded skirt for maximum air


From $1595-00 

Arabian Short Western

Short bars 20'',built to the enduro style only with a horn and a western flare from $1795-00

Short Skirt Arabian Enduro

For those who don't want a big skirt ,and brings the weight down a bit to. $from $1795.00